Nathan GreigNathan Greig
“Can’t believe it - I passed”😀
Susan was a massive help every step of the way, always being understanding and putting me at ease. The learning process, COVID aside, was seamless and cannot applaud her enough. Thank you for everything Susan

Lily CollinsLily Collins
Passed 1st time - Halleluyah!
I passed first time. Thanks so much to Susan. She has been so patient with me and accommodating around my university studies and especially during COVID times. The LDC system was great with the book giving me an understanding of driving. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you again Susan

Sophie McKeown
I just want to say a massive thank you to Thank you for all your amazing support and for being the best teacher you Susan. You have ben so patient with me and have always been so positive and encouraged me to keep going even when I felt like giving up. Particularly when I found it so difficult you made things a lot easier to understand when it came to driving. Thank you Susan for all your amazing support and for being the best teacher xx

Catriona MorrisonCatriona Morrison
“That is an 11 out 10!”
I am so lucky to have had Susan teach me! She is extremely patient and always had confidence in me when I doubted myself. I am very pleased I passed 1st time and could not have done it without Susan.

Diana NagyDiana Nagy
Passed ist time
I passed first time thanks to Susan. Susan is a great instructor and I highly recommend her. It was a pleasure to learn with Susan. I found the workbook and videos very helpful and straight forward.

Christy BellChristy Bell
Susan was great and consistent. Coming from California I had a lot to adjust to. Susan was kind & patient the whole way through.

Jodi BretmanJodi Bretman
Susan was extremely patient and extremely helpful in explaining everything. She has always had faith in me and believed I could pass! I would recommend Susan to anyone. She is an amazing teacher and very approachable. The LDC workbook and videos were extremely helpful and helped you get a good understanding of driving. Susan is 10/10 and an amazing instructor!!

Warren BrownWarren Brown
I’ve passed! What a feeling!
I thought Susan was an excellent instructor. She explained everything to me very well. She helped me achieve my licence which I could not have done without her.

Beth DonovanBeth Donovan
I’ve passed!
So please that I passed first time! Cannot thank Susan enough for stepping up to help me during these strange times and for being the most helpful and patient driving instructor. So grateful and excited to have passed. Thank you!

Mamoona BibiMamoona Bibi
Susan is an excellent instructor. She is really helpful, patient and has taught me really well. Whatever I needed to know she explained it very elaborately. I called or texted looking for advice she was always there to help me. Thank you so much Susan. I am always going to remember you.

Sinead O'HaraSinead O'Hara
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Susan. She has been very helpful. The LD workbook was very informative and helped me to understand what I was doing.

Emma KinnearEmma Kinnear
Passed 1st time
Susan, amazing! Thank you so much for everything. So helpful and patient. So happy I passed 1st time.

Kerry PreeceKerry Preece
Workbook was very helpful to read both before lessons and the test. Susan was a great instructor and put me at ease in the car. Very friendly

Suraj ChattereeSuraj Chatteree
Learning to drive with Susan has been an absolute pleasure. The manner with which she teaches is calm and the way she explains things is informative and makes sense. She is very friendly and open to all questions, no matter how silly they sound at the time. Susan always makes herself available for phone calls and texts for any queries, no matter the time of day. All in all I have learnt a lot from Susan, solely due to the fact she is a brilliant teacher and a lovely person.

Samantha BrodieSamantha Brodie
Thank you so much and I am so grateful for all your help. So thank you for encouraging me and motivating me.

Melissa SwindleMelissa Swindle
Susan was extremely helpful and patient over my many years learning to drive. She explained everything in depth no matter how many times I needed which made me feel really comfortable in the learning process. I was provided all the tools to push me forward. Susan was a delight to work with and I would give her 10/10 recommendation.

Hayley WilsonHayley Wilson
“My dream is a reality”
There is no word of sufficient meaning or value to truly describe my experience of learning to drive with Susan. Not only is Susan an incredible teacher with great proficiency and skill in her profession, but she is also a phenomenally inspiring person. Her unimpeachable knowledge of driving, is envied only by that of her incredibly kind and patient nature. The support and guidance that I received from Susan, created a learning space for me that was fun but safe, as well as informative and an absolute joy. Her trust and confidence in my driving skills made every lesson with her an absolute privilege. I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to learn from the best, but I am even more fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful human being. Susan never used the phrase: “if you pass your test”, but instead elected to say, with absolute sureness, the phrase: “when you pass your test”. Susan never doubted me. She helped turn my dream to drive into a reality. Lessons with Susan have left me not only with the aspiration of becoming as good a driver as she is, but also with the desire to become as caring and selfless as she is. Learning with Susan, is an experience of irreplaceable worth to me. I will not soon forget it.

Cameron RitchieCameron Ritchie
Susan was an amazing instructor. She was always very patient and gave good advice, as well as an excellent driving instructor. The LDC system was very helpful with the workbook providing helpful diagrams to aid with lessons and theory tests. All the lessons were well paced and Susan always pushed and encouraged me to fill my potential which has helped me pass my test. I would recommend Susan and the LD system to anyone who asks me about lessons.

Lewis KerrLewis Kerr
“It’s a 10 I passed!”
My instructor, Susan has made my learning experience very enjoyable. Susan has been very helpful during my lessons making sure I knew what I was doing. We had lots of fun times and Susan helped me feel more confident when driving. Susan is a lovely and sunny person and she gave me the confidence and belief I would pass my test and have a good standard of driving for life.

Chloe MarshallChloe Marshall
Please please please go with Susan for driving lessons. She is the most caring, compassionate and patient instructor. I could not have done this without her support and guidance. Would highly recommend Susan as an instructor. The best person you could learn with. From starting as such a nervous driver, Susan has helped me to become so much more confident and taught me everything I’ll ever need to know to be a great driver!

Louise FultonLouise Fulton
“I passed”
I can’t thank Susan enough for all her help. From my first driving lesson to passing my test, she constantly reassured and encouraged me, particularly when I was losing confidence. I found it really beneficial when Susan made me reflect on what I did well and what areas I needed to develop/work on as this helped give me focus for my next lesson. Her advice and teaching as a whole has been second to none and I can not recommend her enough as a driving instructor! Thank you for everything Susan.

Sophie IgoeSophie Igoe
“Passed first time”
Susan was a great driving instructor. She was always calm and organised. Susan was very positive throughout my learning. I found the LDC workbook very helpful to my learning and in a very organised way.

Ollie TraynorOllie Traynor
Learning with Susan has been brilliant. Lessons were never dull and always enjoyable. I always felt comfortable with Susan and was able to ask any questions no matter how silly I might have thought they were. Susan allowed me to feel relaxed and always calmed my nerves. Her commitment and unwavering confidence in me encouraged me to persevere no matter the challenge. The LDC workbook and online material were great tools for understanding and practicing the theory elements as well as ensuring a better understanding of manoeuvres. Without Susan, passing my test would have been impossible – I can never thank you enough!

Kirsten BurninghamKirsten Burningham
“Yipeeeee! Shopping here I come!!”
I really liked the LDC workbook. It had everything inside that I needed to know about driving. Susan was brilliant in answering any questions I had,no matter how small. We went at a pace that was very well suited to me. The online learning hub for the theory test was very beneficial as there was a lot of practice tests that had all the necessary learning information. Overall I had a great experience driving with Susan and I would 100% recommend learning with her.

Jodie CameronJodie Cameron
What a relief! A weight of my shoulders!!
Having had previous troubles with my driving instructors, Susan really helped me re-gain my confidence in driving. Susan gave me a greater understanding and more confidence in myself.

Connie HareConnie Hare
As a stay-at-home-mum who lives in a relatively remote area, learning how to drive was imperative. Or rather, learning how to drive on any road, safely and confidently, was imperative. This is what Susan gave me - a sense that no matter where I was or wanted to go, I would be able to navigate my way secure in the knowledge that I not only knew how to operate the car, but also handle any feelings of panic or discomfort that arose. Having been previously told (by a different instructor) that at worst I was borderline unteachable, at best I'd have to opt for an automatic car, Susan managed to undo all of my previous doubts with patience, humour and her wonderful knack for pinpointing exactly what I needed work on. She gently and consistently pushed me in ways I didn't even know I needed, and often without me even realising; and the result is - I passed, first time, driving a manual car. I never thought I'd be here, and I seriously doubt that without Susan, and the fantastic LDC system I'd be in this position. Thank you, thank you. Chunk by chunk! :) x

Cecil Strang
Passed 1st time
I cannot thank you enough for seeing me through my recent driving test, which I could not have done without your wonderful instruction. I appreciate the fact that you made the effort to find out what was involved and the lucid manner with which you imparted your instruction certainly eased my path to success. Your calm and relaxed methods gave me a great deal of confidence and made what could have been a nerve-racking experience into a "piece of cake" Many thanks again.

Nathan PriceNathan Price
Passed 1st time
I think I might take up rally driving now!!!

Thank you so much Auntie Susan for everything. Learning with you has been so much fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. I am still waiting to learn how to hand break turn - hahaha! You are phenomenally patient which made learning with you simple and relaxing. Now it is my turn to drive you about instead of driving you up the wall. Thank you so so so much. Love you xxx

Nicola CooperNicola Cooper
Passed 1st time
I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Susan. She was very good at explaining everything during my lessons. I initially started my lessons a year prior but didn't continue due to work commitments. It was very easy coming back to driving lessons with Susan and I passed within months - first attempt.

Orla O'ReillyOrla O'Reilly
My instructor was very helpful when I needed her the most. In my first ever lesson, Susan was very friendly and patient when I was slow to start with. The Workbook helped me very much as it gave me a visual of the concepts that Susan was explaining to me. Overall I absolutely loved Susan being my instructor and I would recommend Susan and LDC if anyone is looking for a patient, considerate and lovely instructor.

Callum McGuireCallum McGuire
Susan has been a brilliant help. She always ensured that all my skills were perfected. She was always very patient with me and allowed me all the time I needed to learn and understand, getting me a first time pass. I was given all the materials needed to help me with my driving. Having had two instructors prior to Susan, I noticed Susan took a different approach. She did not teach parrot fashion but ensured I had an understanding and allowed me to think things out for myself. The best instructor!!

Cameron ParkCameron Park
“I’m so happy”
Susan has been an excellent instructor. She provided so much continual support during my lessons. I knew I could ask her any questions whenever I was unsure. She made me feel at ease when I was nervous. I have told all my friends about her and would recommend her to any new driver who wants the best instructor there is! The LDC workbook provided excellent information and allowed me to organise and plan my lessons effectively.

Jacqui LaidlawJacqui Laidlaw
I would not be driving today without the expert tuition of Susan. My self confidence as a mature driver was close to zero and I doubted i could pass my test. Susan never doubted me once! Susan is extremely patient, has a natural ability to explain things in an uncomplicated way and was flexible to fit my lessons around my work schedule. She made it a pleasure to learn to drive and we had a lot of laughs along the way.

Sam McGurkSam McGurk
Definitely a 10!" My instructor was very thorough and helpful. Susan would always invite you to ask questions you wanted, always make you feel welcome and relaxed and always managed to make every lesson extremely enjoyable no matter how nervous or tired you feel.

The LDC workbook has everything you need to understand in detail the stages in practical driving. The online theory undoubtedly gives learning and tests to help you gain a first time pass. Cant wait to practice driving - going up north to the amazing views in the Scottish Highlands with my friend (one day after passing my test, not bad 😀) Thank you Susan

Jack McGurkJack McGurk
I don't' believe it! Gold
"I don't believe it! Gold" First I want to say how good an instructor Susan has been. She has been patient with me, let me learn at my own pace and excellent at ironing out any bad driving habits. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Susan and will miss our lessons. I also found the LDC resources extremely helpful, especially the workbook. I feel now I have all the skills to be a proficient driver. Thank you Susan and I'll see you out on the road.

Jenny CampbellJenny Campbell
Amazing, could not have asked for anyone better. Patience of a saint. I have been on and off with lessons and through everything, Susan has been so kind, patient and accommodating with my schedule. Honestly delighted I found Susan for lessons. Skills for life. I feel safe and ready to be out driving. Susan is an absolute credit to the profession and LDC, anyone would be truly lucky to learn with her, driver for life. Can't thank you enough Susan for everything, it has been a long process but great craic and lots of fun.

Eilidh McMurdoEilidh McMurdo
I would like to thank Susan for her help and encouragement. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and using the LDC workbook and DVD gave me a good understanding about the driving skills I needed to know. I would highly recommend Susan as a driving instructor due to her calm and methodical approach.

Maryrose GallagherMaryrose Gallagher
Susan is the best instructor I could have asked for. Great confidence builder and takes a lot of time to make you fully understand everything. Very happy! Money well spent!

Thomas KerrThomas Kerr
I fully recommend LDC instructor Susan who taught me. She is a great teacher. Will recommend both Susan and LDC to family and friends. I am chuffed to bits passing today.

Alice MillerAlice Miller
Wow! Can't believe it! Woohoo
Susan was very patient and made sure while she pushed me, I was never out my comfort zone. I felt I improved with every lesson and I got my licence first time. Susan, very very good and I'm so glad I came to her rather than anywhere else. I found both the LD skills workbook and DVD very useful. It gave a great breakdown and I got to practice and learn even when not in the car.

Rebecca McGowanRebecca McGowan
Susan is a great instructor! She is patient, kind and supportive through it all, always offering honest and constructive criticism, allowing me to learn from mistakes and build my confidence as a driver. The LD workbook was great too helping me to build my knowledge and understanding. Thank you for everything Susan ! 5 stars from me!

Stuart GrantStuart Grant
Susan is amazing. Best instructor ever. She has taken me from knowing very little about driving to knowing everything that I need to be a safe driver for the rest of my life. I would recommend her to anyone. She is brilliant. She puts everything into teaching people to drive and it really shows in her passion for what she does. Thanks so much Susan.

Nicole SmithNicole Smith
Before starting with Susan I lacked confidence while driving. Throughout my lessons my confidence grew greatly and she made me feel comfortable while I was driving. I highly recommend Susan as an instructor. When I lacked understanding she always found a way to explain how I could fix my mistake and guided me in the right direction. One method used by LDC is the skills workbook. I heavily relied on this when i was out driving with family and came to a difficulty. It is a great tool especially to revise the show me tell me questions! She is a wonderful instructor. Thank you

Hannan MirHannan Mir
Susan is a very nice instructor - very calm and very patient. She is easy to get along with and chat to. I also liked using the skills workbook and DVD. My driving experience has been good - I would recommend.

Donna MccarneyDonna Mccarney
!Yasss! Beep Beep Toot Toot
Susan was a very patient and understanding teacher. She helped me find techniques and ways to suit my individual learning style. I used the driving skills workbook which i found useful for preparing before a lesson or self studying after a lesson. Thanks a million! Yasss! Beep Beep Toot Toot

John McBrideJohn McBride
Having stopped lessons for a year I started learning again. Susan identified my weaknesses early and managed to correct them. The workbook was useful, helping me look over my weaknesses, approach speed and observations and memorising the "Show Me, Tell Me" questions. Susan was brilliant in helping me pass my test. I highly recommend her.

Nairne ClarkNairne Clark
Susan, you have helped me so much and have been an outstanding instructor. You have been patient and understanding. Thanks for all your help over the past four months and helping me get my pass. I found the workbook and DVD really helpful also. I would highly recommend you.

Firdous MirFirdous Mir
I found Susan a very helpful instructor. She was good at helping to keep me calm whilst driving and also today when driving to and whilst on test. I found the workbook and DVD extremely helpful. I also used the LDC online theory test which was helpful and also very practical.

Jennifer ReadJennifer Read
I was so nervous to start driving again after a few years out but Susan helped me feel at ease. She is a brilliant teacher and so easy to talk to. The workbook and DVD were so helpful. The workbook to keep track and reflect on lessons and the DVD helped me go over parts I wasn't sure of. I would definitely recommend Susan to everyone.

Bailey ClarkBailey Clark
Bailey Clark After coming from a different instructor to Susan, my confidence, knowledge and understanding improved immensely after one lesson as did my knowledge of the car itself. After having a set amount of lessons I felt comfortable with anything I was asked to do. My confidence grew mainly due to how friendly and helpful Susan was. Any driver either young or old I would highly recommend Susan as the Driving Instructor for you.

Claire ReillyClaire Reilly
Learning to drive with Susan has been such a pleasure. She has been so patient and understanding. I have loved our lessons and with the support and help, she has given me skills for life. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. The LD Skills workbook has been very helpful. Thank you for everything Susan!!

Pamela Saunders
We finally got there Susan! I am extremely grateful that you were the one to teach me to drive. You put me at ease, and allowed me to relax and feel confident in my lessons. It was more like going for a drive with a friend. Thank you for all your support and patience Susan, it was very much appreciated. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Morven Westmorland
Learning to drive with Susan was great. She was extremely helpful and funny which made you feel safe and confident when driving with her. Even when I made mistakes and was getting frustrated she would reassure me and give me the confidence and motivation I needed. She’s a big kid at heart and that’s what makes learning with her so enjoyable! Thanks for all your time and effort when working with me, Susan. I really appreciate it! I couldn't of passed without your help. Thanks again for working with me.

Tracy McVeyTracy McVey
Susan what can I say?! Thank you. I had convinced myself that I'd never be able to drive, but with your help, support, patience and kindness I've managed it. The LDC system was great. I used the book, DVD and website and found it very helpful. Being able to revise at home between lessons was really great. I would definitely recommend Susan and LDC. I just wish I hadn't waited so long before starting lessons! Susan what can I say?! Thank you. I had convinced myself that I'd never be able to drive, but with your help, support, patience and kindness I've managed it. The LDC system was great. I used the book, DVD and website and found it very helpful. Being able to revise at home between lessons was really great. I would definitely recommend Susan and LDC. I just wish I hadn't waited so long before starting lessons!

Kelsey CairnsKelsey Cairns
Susan has been so helpful and patient with me during my lessons. She has helped me become far more confident in my driving skills and if I made a mistake, corrected them in the nicest way possible! This is my second test and I could not have asked for a better instructor. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Susan.....it has been such a pleasure. Thank you Susan

Dianne GreigDianne Greig
Passed 1st time
After two failed tests as a teenager with different instructors, and a quite a few years in between, I put my trust in Susan and passed first time under her superb guidance. She’s an amazing instructor who built my skills and confidence to become a driver. It’s an epic milestone for me, and I really can’t thank Susan enough. I loved the LDC approach – between the book, videos and Susan’s coaching I was able to learn quickly. My boys will be next Susan! Many thanks again.

Kate HuttonKate Hutton
After trying to pass my test a "few" times I finally passed today! Thank you Susan for your constant encouragement and support to get me through the test and for helping me achieve a new life skill.

Gareth TalbotGareth Talbot
Thank you so much Susan! I did not think i would be able to pass my test before I was 40, but I have! The last major hurdle in my life has been cleared!

Rachael BunyanRachael Bunyan
Susan thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have been such a great teacher, you have been patient, funny and a great boost to my confidence!. I am so happy to have passed - 1st time! I will miss seeing you at my lessons. I will definitely recommend you to anyone! Thanks again

Mairi-Clare ArmstrongMairi-Clare Armstrong
Susan I can't thank you enough for your patience, perseverence and confidence building. I lacked confidence in my ability to do this but you helped me build my confidence and helped me get there. You taught me to drive for life not just to pass the test! Thank you so much.

Malcolm NolanMalcolm Nolan
Thank you very much for persevering with me and giving me the confidence to get behind the wheel again. You have helped me achieve a huge goal and i cannot thank you enough.

Gemma StewartGemma Stewart
Thank you very much for being so patient with me and so accommodating with lessons. You have taught me a skill for life and i appreciate it. Thanks again. Passed 1st time with only 2 minors!

Brynn MorrisonBrynn Morrison
Just to say a massive thank you to Susan. She is the best instructor I have ever had and I would highly recommend her to everyone. Don't go with anyone else!. Great teaching methods for new drivers and returning drivers alike. Thank You.

Ayse ErdoganAyse Erdogan
Thank you Susan. I passed today. You taught me to drive, not only to pass my driving test but for the future. I have learnt so much from you in a short period of time.

The LDC workbook and videos have been really helpful also especially for my manoeuvres. Thank you and I will recommend you to my friends.

Jenna BrydenJenna Bryden
Well Susan what a day we have had!! Thank You, Thank You for all your hard work, patience and flexibility, especially around my baby son. I was discouraged after a long drawn out course of lessons and came to LDC and met you. LDC was a great road for me and I have loved the whole experience. I will recommend you to everyone and LDC. I passed today.

Andrea Miranda BarborAndrea Miranda Barbor
Susan you are born to be a Driving Instructor. You are the best calm and so supportive to me. You are kind, lovely, supportive, professional, you are the best ever.

Thank you so much for being in my life and being my driving instructor. I'm going too miss you.

Amy HeathAmy Heath
Susan you have been brilliant and patient with me. Could not have done it without you. You really have been amazing and I would highly recommend you. Thank you so much. Amy x

Paul FranceyPaul Francey
Finally passed all thanks to Susan. You have been a great help. Thank you very much.

Nicola McDowallNicola McDowall
A huge thank you. Your patience, kindness and loads of giggles will be missed. Could not have done it without all your support and excellent teaching. Thank you.

Catriona BrennanCatriona Brennan
Finally passed my test!!! Susan has been so patient, supportive and kind. Thee were times when I thought I couldn't do this but with Susan's encouragement and support I managed to do it. Thank you!

Lynsey JacksonLynsey Jackson
Susan, this has been the most exciting and terrifying experience of my life. I can't thank you enough for everything including putting up with my constant commentary! You have made an old woman very happy!

Laura BoydLaura Boyd
Thank you so much for putting up with me and my nerves. You helped me with a lot and I passed. Thank you sooo much. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

Usman MohammedUsman Mohammed
As they say, 4 time the charm. It has been a bumpy ride having two instructors but I have got there eventually. Susan has been a great instructor and has been extremely helpful. She explains everything thoroughly and has always been patient and calm. I can't thank her enough for helping me pass and I would highly recommend Susan as a driving instructor.

Rebecca CampbellRebecca Campbell
Susan, Thank you so much for all your help teaching me to drive. You have been very patient and are so approachable making me feel comfortable and lessons easy to understand and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Susan as a Driving Instructor and cannot thank her enough for helping me achieve a pass - 1st time!! Rebecca x

Alistair James GambleAlistair James Gamble
Thanks SO much for being an amazing instructor and helping me pass my test - 1st Time! I am so grateful for your patience and help, as well as having had you teach me. These have been an amazing few weeks and you have my gratitude.

Megan McNairMegan McNair
Thank you so much for helping me pass! (2nd Time) You have been a great instructor and have helped me pass my test. Many thanks Megan x

Rachel EnnisRachel Ennis
Susan, Thank you so very much for all your help! I don't believe I would have passed this quickly and 1st time without all your help. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends! Thanks Rachel.

Andrew MartinAndrew Martin
At last!!!! Three truly is my lucky number. Thank you so much Susan for everything and getting me through this ordeal. You are incredibly patient and understanding and made everything easy for me. I will undoubtedly recommend you to everyone who is looking to learn to drive. All the best to Sam and good luck with guitar and photography.

Victoria Freeman
To pass my test I decided I would definitely need help after living over in Indonesia for 15 years. I booked my lessons and met my instructor Susan who was so easy to get along with.

Lesson after lesson I learnt new things due to being a new driver on the roads in UK and didn't know much about the round abouts and UK signs. Susan taught me everything I needed to know and made it so easy for me to understand. To be honest I spread out my lessons whilst Susan kept pushing me to take my test.

It took time, but so much help from Susan I finally passed my UK driving test on 21.2.14 and I was over the moon. Thank you so much to Susan who stuck by me the whole time, gave me confidence, reassured me that I could do it and taught me everything I needed to know. I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor so helpful and easy to talk to.

THANK YOU SUSAN!!!!!!!!! PASSED with a big Smiley face :) x x x x

Carol HendryCarol Hendry
Susan has the patience of a saint and has been magnificent with me. I am now the happiest girl alive - I passed! Thank you Susan.

Megan McFarlaneMegan McFarlane
Susan, You have helped me right from the start and helped me pass my driving test. You have been very patient with me and have been an understanding teacher. I am so grateful for having you to teach me over the few months. Thank you very much.

Carly SkinnerCarly Skinner
Susan has made the happiest girl in the world! I came to susan to pass my test and I did first time!! She is one of the best people I have ever met. She is so calming and patient which are perfect qualities to possess when teaching to drive. I would 100% recommend Susan to anyone. She is without a doubt the best! I will miss seeing Susan every week but she doesn't get rid of me that easily! Thank you Susan x

Fiona GoodingFiona Gooding
Susan, Thank you so so much for helping me pass my test. You are an outstanding instructor with the patience of a saint. The LDC workbook and DVD are a fantastic help. Thanks again!!

Sharon GarritySharon Garrity
Thanks so much Susan for helping me pass my driving test.

Anna LoginAnna Login
I can't believe I've passed!!! It's been a long journey for me. I started the course bit late in my life, with no previous experience and lots of issues.

But Susan took me under her wings and removed them slowly one by one, leaving me in high spirits and beaming with confidence. Her friendly, patience and no fuss approach taught me not only how to drive but also how to manage the stressand how to be a more confident person.

Susan is a reliable, understanding and a very perceptive teacher whose company helps you concentrate and calms you down. I couldn't have made it with out her, I'm so happy to have her as my instructor. Thank you Susan xxx

John DoughtyJohn Doughty
Thank you very much Susan for helping me pass my extended test. I will be booking lessons for my wife.

Tamara KerrTamara Kerr
I am grateful to Susan for all the help she has given me. She is the best driving instructor I have had and I felt really comfortable. I would recommend Susan to all my friends. I am glad I have passed my test.

Samantha McKenna-McIntyreSamantha McKenna-McIntyre
I am so happy to have had Susan as an instructor. She has been so helpful and patient with me. Her reference points helped me a great deal. Having had previous instructors and failing my first test, taking lessons with Susan helped me a great amount and I passed after a few lessons. Thank you so much Susan !!!

Elif PolatElif Polat
One of the happiest days of my life. Before I forget a BIG THANKYOU Susan. Another step to independence and I will enjoy it sensibly and responsibly with my beautiful and precious daughters Zeynep and Zahide. Lets not forget Susan who has always been there for me and supporting me every step of the way giving me all the help needed. Thanks again.

Stephanie McDonaldStephanie McDonald
Can't believe I passed! Susan is so supportive and calms you down. I have now been with Susan a year and a half and she didn't give up on me. Looks for the positive in everything. Thank you so much Susan x

Stephanie CouttieStephanie Couttie
Susan was helpful and supportive and gave me the confidence to pass.

Lauren McLeodLauren McLeod
I am absolutely thrilled to have passed my test today. Susan has been a fantastic instructor, taking time and being patient with me. She explains everything thoroughly and allows you as a student to grow and learn at your own pace. Thank you very much Susan x

Kavya AdigaKavya Adiga
I am delighted that I passed my test today and I am very thankful to Susan and 100% satisfied the way Susan taught me. She is very calm no matter how many mistakes you make and she corrects them without judgement or fuss. Susan gives attention to detail to the way we drive and all the manoeuvres. I am very grateful to have had an Instructor like Susan.

Jordon DavidsonJordon Davidson
I passed my test today. When I started with Susan I had some experience but a lot of bad habits. Susan improved my manoeuvres and corrected my bad habits and she was persistant to make sure I did it right. Susan is a great instructor overall and anyone who trains with her will pass. I passed first time.

Call today on 07530 424567 or Email me to find out more

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